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“I can now bend over, drive with confidence, sleep, play with kittens and puppies, garden and do more walking and exercise.  I feel more confident and less dependent on others.  I can climb up a folding ladder 3″ high and get back down.  I can move light chairs and change litter boxes.  I can curl my own hair, wrap up a hose, change the bed sheets, go out with friends for brunch, stand & sit at Stars games, participate in life and cook since I can now hold pots and pans.  With Dr. Barroga’s treatment, I feel a new person emerging.  My mental status is above and beyond what I expected since starting pain treatment here.  I feel like my life is back.”  A.W.

“I have a much improved quality of life since receiving treatment.  I can walk to maintain endurance and do my household duties like cleaning, cooking, gardening and doing the dishes and laundry without being in so much pain.  Previously, my joints and muscular pain started and I would have to stop and lay down.  I can enjoy a few hobbies.  I was able to take a trip with my mom and attend a concert with my husband. ”  B.F.

“With the treatment I have been receiving, both pain and mental health, my life is so much improved.  I am able to travel, go on walks, eat healthier, feel happier and dress easier.  Excellent pain control which before made me almost home bound.  I am able to travel out of state, go hiking in Colorado and walk my dog daily and interact socially with others.”  C.B.J.

“Since treatment, I can work all over my house.  I can now run and taxi aircraft.  Getting in and out of them is easier.  I can work on engines pain free.  I have been going to the track and driving more frequently.  With treatment, I can go bowling and get a few strikes.  I can also participate in Jiu Jitsu three days a week, mow my own lawn and work on the cars.”  E.C.

“Overall, my treatment under Dr. Barroga is great and I can get out more and take my dog on longer walks.  I can go to the movies with friends and to dinner with my parents weekly.  At work, my metrics score was #1 out of 125 agents and I was #1 at the center.”  J.H.

“There are many activities that I’m able to participate in thanks to Dr. Barroga’s treatment plan!  I’m able to get out of bed almost every day.  I’m able to take care of my family, cook, clean and go grocery shopping!  Thank you so much Dr. B!  I have even started enjoying hobbies in arts and crafts that my pain prevented me from doing before my treatment with Dr. Barroga.”  J.M.

“Before Dr. Barroga, I was bed bound almost every day!  After seeing him, I am now able to work almost every day and am even able to exercise and lift weights again which I thought would be impossible.  I am able to take my girlfriend out at least once a week and able to workout for three days straight every week.  I have improved tremendously!  Things have been way better since I’ve started seeing Dr. Barroga!”  R.J.

“Since 2005, Dr. Barroga has been handpicked as one of the top three pain management doctors in Dallas, Texas by ‘Three Best Rated’ ( based on customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence.”

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